Things to do

In Costa Rica, the activities taking place in the forest habitat surrounded by exotic wildlife. A truly paradise, where you will find everything you are looking for: adventure, sun, beaches, forest, wildlife and wellness, and much more.


The Canopy tour is one of the safest and most thrilling adventures of all time; open the door for you to explore the marvels of forest from its canopies. Visitors can enjoy the forest and get the chance to see some of the world’s most amazing and beautiful flora and fauna. There are many places to do Zip-line; the best areas are Arenal, Monteverde and Manuel Antonio.


Enjoy the most unforgettable tour; you can do ATV on mountains, forest or on the beach, where you’ll enjoy the flora and fauna in their natural habitat.  Tours are guided by qualified trail experts, with locations throughout Costa Rica. TV tours  is a safe and exciting way to discover the magnificent landscapes of Costa Rica; Some of the best places to ride ATV are Arenal, Tamarindo, Manuel Antonio, and  Jacó, Tamarindo.


For a whole day of pure fun and adventure, WhiteWater Rafting is your best choice. Class II-III is perfect tour for all nature lovers, outdoor enthusiasts, and people who are looking for an easy rafting adventure.  Class III-IV is for adventurous.Whether you are a beginner or an expert, this rafting trip will guarantee to get your adrenaline pumping!  You can do White Water Rafting in Pacuare River, the most scenic river in Costa Rica, Sarapiqui River, Balsa River in Arenal, Savegre and Naranjo River in Manuel Antonio and Tenorio River in Guanacaste.


Kayaking in Costa Rica is the best way to get close to nature and wildlife. No experience is needed, and you can do kayaks in Rivers, lakes and the ocean. Sit on top kayaks and feel the silent under trees.  A naturalist guide will also explain the fascinating lives of the plants and animals that you encounter. It’s much easier to approach closely without startling or disturbing them when you’re in a boat. Most popular places are Tortuguero, Arenal, Tamarindo, Caño Negro, Manuel Antonio, Curù, Puerto Viejo, and south pacific.


Perhaps Costa Rica’s finest Pacific coastal diving, the waters surrounding Caño Island Biological Reserve can be best described as an undersea garden of spectacular rock and coral formations.  Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate or advanced diver, the variety of dive sites and rich, colorful, abundant marine life will amaze you. An underwater photographer’s delight, scuba among large schools of colorful reef fish, or observe from a distance the large pelagic that frequent these waters.  With water visibility ranging from 35-90 ft. year round, watch giant manta rays glide effortlessly overhead or barracuda and white-tip reef sharks cruise the coral reef below.  Also is recommended Ocotal Beach in Guanacaste.


The best surfing from December to April can be found anywhere along the northern peninsula (Nicoya) or on the Caribbean. Tamarindo is growing as the number one tourist destination in Costa Rica. It is internationally known for its excellent conditions for surf and it is in the center of many great surfing secret spots to include: Playa Grande, Playa Negra, and Playa Avellanas. Tamarindo , Nosara, Santa Teresa & Mal Pais, Playa Hermosa/Jaco, Manuel Antonio, Dominical, Matapalo, Pavones, Puerto Viejo are the best beaches to practice Surf.


Waterfall Rappelling is also known as canyoning is fun, safe and exciting, surrounding by the most magnificent landscapes of Costa Rica. The sport involves a controlled descent down a rock face using a secured rope. The descent is within boundaries of a waterfall, making it a memorable. No experience is needed. You can do it in Turrialba, Jaco Beach and Arenal area.


If you like paragliding you’ll love Costa Rica. It’s beautiful, it’s adventurous, it’s warm, it’s people are friendly, it’s “pura vida”. Costa Rica provides flying for any experience level paraglider. Most sites are P-2 friendly depending on conditions, with plenty of fun and challenges for experienced pilots. If you are not a paraglider pilot consider giving a tandem ride a try.  You can do it in Jaco Beach, Manuel Antonio and Dominical.


Need a serious adrenaline rush? Try bungee jumping in Costa Rica. Bungee Jumping is considered one of the most extreme sports in the world. That’s why very few venturesome spirits  who truly love this perilous sport. If you love the adrenaline sports, no place can beat Costa Rica. Costa Rica’s lush nature and breathtaking landscapes made this country perfect for any adrenaline sport including Bungee Jumping.


This water activity ranges from peaceful paddles in calm waters to catching mammoth waves at world-renowned surf breaks. It is done in both freshwater lakes and rivers, and saltwater coastlines and open ocean. It is especially popular in Costa Rica among total beginners and advanced paddlers alike. The Best Stand Up Paddle Boarding Spots in Costa Rica are: Tamarindo Beach, Arenal Lake, Nosara River, Cabo Blanco River, Barù River and Punta Uva.


If you are looking for the ideal place to improve your mental and physical well-being, adopt healthy habits and activities into your lifestyle, liberate your soul and return like a new person, then Costa Rica could be your next travel destination. Costa Rica is the ideal setting for detoxification from stress and the daily grind. You can experience Wellness tourism as part of a lifestyle that combines physical activity and healthy eating, while enjoying a wide range of activities to renew your mind, body and soul.


Costa Rica is home to some truly exceptional caves. Barra Honda National Park, and Venado Caves near the Arenal Volcano, are the most famous. Those caves are home to bats, monochrome frogs, spiders, and crickets. With amazing limestone formations such as soda straws, popcorn, curtains, stalactites, and stalagmites.


Costa Rica is home to four main species of sea turtles. There are specific times of the year when you can witness sea turtles nesting and hatching on a grand scale in Costa Rica. You just need to know when and where. Leatherback Turtle, they nest in the Caribbean side, between March and May and In the Pacific coast, between September and March. For Olive Ridley, September and October are the two best months to potentially witness an Olive Ridley arribadas. They do continue to nest for several more months on the Pacific coast, however it is usually on a smaller scale. March through October are the best months to spot Hawksbill nesting and hatching on the Caribbean coast. Green Sea Turtle July through October is the peak nesting and hatching season for the green sea turtle. The Tortuguero National Park is one of the most important green sea turtle nesting sites in the world .


Many whale species come to Costa Rica’s waters, year round to mate, give birth and raise their young before heading back to feed on krill which are rich in the colder waters. The best time to see whales in Costa Rica is December to March and August to December. This is due to the migration patterns of the humpback whales, of which both Northern and Southern hemisphere humpbacks pass through Costa Rica. However, the months of August and September are the best to see humpback whales as they are coming to breed and raise their young.